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Extra Help with Relieving Cystitis

Recurrent cystitis is a sign that you may have an imbalance in the beneficial bacteria in the urinary tract and antibiotics will exacerbate this as they kill off the good as well as bad bacteria. Follow the dietary advice for possible candida and specifically for cystitis:


  • In the event of the sudden onset of cystitis, a traditional remedy is to drink ½ pint cold water or barley water every 20 minutes.
  • Cranberry juice; can help relieve cystitis as it contains a substance called hispuric acid which prevents bacteria adhering to the wall of the urinary tract. Cranberry drinks contain sugar which counteracts any beneficial properties, but you can buy apple juice with cranberry which is effective; many good supermarkets now sell organic ones.
  • Large amounts of vegetables; especially onions, garlic, artichokes and chicory, which feed the body’s beneficial bacteria and create resistance to infection. Alkalise your body with a daily bowel of vegetable broth
  • Blueberries; also contain hispuric acid, but in a lesser amounts than in cranberries; adding these to you breakfast can also help prevent the recurrence of cystitis.
  • Large volumes of water; help to clean out the urinary tract; one glass an hour helps prevent and treat cystitis.
  • Include celery, parsley and watermelon in your diet; they act as natural cleansers and diuretics; juicing these is excellent.


  • Citrus fruits, which alkalise the urine and encourage bacterial growth. Vitamin C on its own however, remains acidic and can help.
  • Caffeine and alcohol; can exacerbate symptoms as dehydrating.
  • Sugar; feeds the bacteria that can cause cystitis.


  • Never resist the urge to urinate, ensure you do so at least every 4 hours and even go twice to make sure you have fully emptied your bladder.
  • Wash from genitals to anus, keep very clean and wash after every bowel movement if possible.
  • Wear cotton underwear, avoid synthetic fabrics such as nylon tights that do not allow full air circulation around the genital area.

Other considerations:

  • Candida is usually a consideration where cystitis is present, consult a Nutritional Therapist to discuss testing for an overgrowth link to consultations. Also note that candida can be passed between sexual partners and even not show symptoms in someone infected, so both partners in a relationship should consider treatment.


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