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Personalised nutrition to match your individual health needs.

With the ever-increasing pace of modern life, more and more people are taking a pause, reflecting on what’s important and re-discovering the importance of balance. Balance between work and home, wealth and happiness, diet and health.

When it comes to what you eat, today’s food is simply not as balanced or nutritious as it once was and latest thinking suggests your nutritional needs are as individual as you are. Additionally, many of us struggle to find and prepare enough of a variety of truly nutritious foods.

To enjoy life to the full, you want to ensure that your diet contains the optimum nutrition for your body’s needs. But from all the choices available, what is your best source of information to help you find better health and genuine wellbeing?

My Nutri Profile provides the answer to that question. The online expert system that underlies My Nutri Profile uses extensive scientific evidence combined with years of clinical experience in nutritional therapy to develop nutritional approaches tailored to the needs of the individual. Then, supported by our team of expert and qualified nutritional therapists, we provide you with customised dietary guidance and nutrient recommendations that are intended to help support the Body Systems that you have prioritised when answering the online evaluation.

One of the best things about My Nutri Profile is that the whole programme is tailored to your individual health needs.

Company Information:
Registered name: Nutri Lifestyle Ltd
Brand name: My Nutri Profile
Email address: enquiries@project1-vdsjgk3wyt.live-website.com
Place of registration: 590A Kingsbury Road, Birmingham, B24 9ND
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