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Find out which nutrients your body is most likely to need to help support your health, based on existing scientific knowledge and several decades worth of clinical experience in nutritional therapy. You can also buy a Personalised Dietary & Lifestyle Report compiled specifically for you. The Report’s features include:

  • Designed by leading BANT-certified nutritionists
  • Based on extensive scientific evidence and clinical experience
  • The most detailed online, individually-tailored evaluation available
  • Provides recommendations that take into account all aspects of safety
  • Beta-tested by a renowned medical doctor and expert in nutritional medicine

My Nutri Profile’s online, expert system looks at your health priorities and likely nutritional demands related to specific Body Systems, as well as your current dietary and lifestyle habits. Once you have answered a series of questions, the expert system will use this information to generate a comprehensive nutritional programme tailored to your individual needs. It includes dietary suggestions as well as recommendations for vitamins, minerals, essential fats, herbs and others nutrients that you can be take as supplements to a balanced and varied diet. The Report can become a vital tool in your journey towards optimum health and vitality.

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