Our Credentials

Charlotte Watts BA (Hons) Dip.ION mBANT

Charlotte WattsOur Head Nutritionist, Charlotte has been with us since the very start, helping evolve our ethos and approach. She also designed ourĀ evaluationĀ and wrote the majority of the Dietary and Lifestyle Report. Charlotte not only studied at The Institute of Optimum Nutrition but was also a second year tutor there for many years and also Year 3 Programme Leader.

She is co-author of the book The Top 100 Recipes for Happy Kids and a writer and nutrition advisor for a publishing company who produce health cookbooks such as Marks and Spencer titles Low Carb Cookbook, and Lose Weight Now! She also has a new title out in 2008 called Diets to Help Lower Cholesterol.

Charlotte has contributed to Red Magazine, The Mirror Magazine and The Metro newspapers and her passion lies in bringing practical and realistic nutritional change to as many people as possible. She has a busy practice in Brighton and London.

Report Contributors

Angela Trisoglio Dip.ION mBANT

Michael Joliffe Dip.ION mBANT

Fern Maybee Dip.ION mBANT

Sally Martin Dip.ION mBANT

Also contributing to Recipe Section

Sue Terry Dip.ION mBANT

Sanna Anderson Dip.ION mBANT

Anne Pemberton Dip.ION mBANT

Lifestyle Section Controller

Dr Kerry Putnam – a social scientist with a passion for clinical hypnotherapy, supported by a background in psychology (specialising in health psychology) and medical sociology. Kerry wrote the sections on Time to Relax, And so to Bed, Me Time and wrote Positive Breathing with Charlotte Watts.

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