Nutrient Recommendations

Your personal formula is determined from the symptoms and health needs you indicate in your My Nutri Profile Nutritional Evaluation. Symptoms can be attributed to poor diet and lifestyle habits. Our bodies have many different Systems that all work together to help us work as best we can. Their function can have problems if we do not receive the right nutrients from food and certain substances such as herbs and plant chemicals can help maintain this function. Looking after these Body Systems and maintaining them as best we can is the thinking behind Nutritional Therapy and our main focus here at My Nutri Profile.

Everybody is advised to include at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, as well as other key food groups such as oily fish and wholegrains, to ensure that the base nutrients are covered. In addition to this dietary guidance in your Personalised Dietary & Lifestyle Report, you will receive specific nutrient recommendations. We know that it is often difficult to achieve the ideal daily diet, so you can take this advice to purchase supplements to support your diet.

The nutrient recommendations are personal to your profile and health priorities. They have been selected from our nutritional profile to support the Body Systems that can have the most positive effect on your health.

Remember, everybody needs all essential vitamins and minerals daily, each of which has a myriad functions in the body and can be difficult to achieve with modern lifestyles and farming techniques. If your recommendations are similar to someone else’s, this does not necessarily mean that your symptoms are similar, but that your needs are. For instance, many people are recommended Essential Fatty Acids because they have shown to be beneficial for skin, cardiovascular (heart) function and the immune system.

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