Personalised Nutritional Report

Our Personalised Dietary and Lifestyle Report outlines comprehensive findings that are based on the answers your give in our FREE on-line Nutritional Health Evaluation. It offers an in depth look at your Health Priorities and shows you how you can make simple, realistic and practical changes to support your body and maintain your health. We also highlight foods that can help you to address potential nutrient deficiencies that may be contributing to any symptoms you may have. You can make changes at the pace that suits you and we aim to give you the best guidance we can to help you.

Your Personalised Dietary and Lifestyle Report is packed with vital information:

  • Which foods to eat to include in your diet to help supply the nutrients that your body needs most at that time.
  • We advise you which foods and nutrients are most appropriate for supporting particular Body Systems, in what foods you can find them and what ingredients you should look for in supplements.
  • How to include specific nutrients in home cooking and food on the move.
  • Easy recipes including foods best suited to your specific needs.
  • A shopping list that includes foods and ingredients tailored to your body’s requirements that to helps make healthy food shopping easy.
  • Lifestyle changes to help you cope more easily with life – including exercise and relaxation tips, recommendations for particular Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapies and lots more.

Your Health Priorities, current diet and lifestyle help us to identify your nutrient and food recommendations as well as lifestyle changes. Take our FREE Nutritional Evaluation and get your FREE Nutrient Recommendations today. You can then decide if you wish go ahead and purchase your very own Personalised Dietary & Lifestyle Report worth £9.95, which is on offer for just £2.95 today!