The Importance of Nutrients

Remember, everybody needs all the essential vitamins and minerals daily. Each have a myriad of functions in the body and can be difficult to achieve with modern lifestyles and farming techniques. Epidemiological studies have shown that our ancestors lived on as much as 4,000 calories a day of more nutrient-dense food than we eat. Our bodies still expect this and also the level of exercise that would burn off these calories.

We live in a world where our food does not come from our immediate environment. It may have chemicals, pesticides and hormones added and can lose nutrients as it travels through distribution. Modern refining processes take many nutrients out of our foods; not just whole grains to white flour and rice, but even the refining of oils removes vital sterols. Much recent research has shown that the food we eat is becoming less and less nutrient-dense due to lowered water and soil quality.

The popularity of organically grown foods is a testimony to people’s genuine concerns about their nutrient intake. Even if you do eat organically, you should consider the higher need of nutrients your body requires to protect itself against environmental factors such as pollution, TV, computers and mobile phones. Factors such as emotional and psychological stress, worry, dehydration and anti-nutrients such as caffeine, sugar, alcohol and cigarettes also put higher nutrient demands on our bodies.

Your nutrient status is like a bank account; you need to put back any deficit and the bigger the overdraft, the more you need to put back! Achieving the right nutrients is the bare minimum for any given day and may well not address the deficiencies that cause symptoms.

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