Our Story

My name is Helena Louis Fernand and this is my story about my passion to bring My Nutri Profile to you.

I have always had an interest in healthy food and nutrition from a young age after developing a near-fatal nut allergy at six years old.  But it was my own health problems as an adult that forced me to embrace nutrition in a way I had never thought before… and it changed my life forever. 

Fifteen years ago I was constantly unwell with a number of health issues.  I ended up seeing a Nutritionist which is when I discovered the various symptoms I was suffering were all food related.  I didn’t know I was wheat and lactose intolerant, not to mention a host of other food demons, but mainly my histamine levels were unbalanced.  I started a prescribed course of supplements and cut out a number of the culprits that were causing the trouble.  I couldn’t believe how after just a couple weeks I started to feel better.  Surprisingly, my brain fog had gone and I didn’t feel sick after every meal. 

I had a hair mineral analysis test done, which reported the historical data of my vitamin, minerals and toxic levels.  I had been on the verge of adrenal exhaustion, commonly known as burn out.   This experience spurred me on to start my own business with Prash Patel and a mutual friend who both shared the same interest in nutrition.  That’s when we met Charlotte Watts, a gem in the industry, who came on board as our head Nutritionist. 

Together we started a bespoke nutrition business, which was way ahead of its time.  A number of high profile customers, including captains of industries and high-profile celebrities, became clients of our vitamin and mineral programs and that brought us a lot of publicity.   As a direct result the demand for our service was greater than our production line could supply.

At the same time, Charlotte and I also discovered that due to new EU regulations we no longer complied with legislation so were forced to cease operation whilst we embarked and a long and expensive exercise  to change our business model in order to be fully compliant again. 

It wasn’t easy to restart especially as after a couple years of developing the business, and building the proprietary technology that drives our service, we were devastated by the recession just as we launched. 

However, I was undeterred.  I knew my destiny was still calling and my passion for nutrition, and the way food had impacted my life had grown so after a few years of unrest I went ahead again.  I always believed that personalised nutrition is what people need so we developed new, expert partnerships and here we are today with www.mynutriprofile.com… a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle service offering you your very own personalised nutrition, dietary and lifestyle report.  We bring you this vital offering with our chosen partners; the industry’s number one health suppliers: Revital, to take care of your nutrition, dietary and lifestyle needs.  Revital has a full catalogue of all the necessary health products supported by a team of highly-trained Nutritionists.

Using her extensive experience and expertise in nutrition, Charlotte designed a matrix to drive our bespoke online nutrition evaluation and reporting service.  She has also written all the content for the website to make sure that all content is in keeping with current regulations. She prides her work in an ethical service offering. Charlotte has consulted nutritionally with very high profile clients around the world.

We have been approved by the ANH who seek their guidelines from the MHRA – Medcines Health Regulatory Authority.

We are proud to present you with our bespoke nutritional service that is all about you!