Nutrient Food Sources


Vitamin A (Retinol)

Vitamin A is fat-soluble, also known by the name retinol because of its close association with the health of the retina in the eye.  A group of carotenes, natural pigments in foods, are thought to have vitamin A activity in the body in that they are converted into vitamin A.  They are thus called ‘pro-vitamin A’.  The list above deals only with preformed vitamin A, or retinol. 

Vitamin A is important for vision, skin health, reproduction, immune function, and antioxidant status and it also exerts anti-viral properties. 

Absorption and utilisation of vitamin A relies on the presence of fat, protein, zinc, vitamin E and some antioxidants in the diet.

Food Sources of vitamin A Amount (µg per 100g)
Anchovies 57
Butter 958
Calf’s liver 25200
Cheddar cheese 364
Cod 2
Cow’s milk – skimmed 1
Cow’s milk – semi-skimmed 19
Cow’s milk – whole 33
Crème fraiche 388
Egg, chicken (boiled) 190
Goat’s milk 44
Mackerel 45
Mozzarella 258
Salmon 13
Sheep’s milk 83
Trout 29
Yogurt 28


Source:  McCance and Widdowson’s The Composition of Foods (6th Edition)