Nutrient Food Sources


Soluble fibre

The majority of fibre in plant cell walls is soluble.  It includes compounds called pectin, gums, hemicelluloses and mucilages.  This type of fibre promotes healthy digestion, regular bowel movements, lower cholesterol levels in blood, can regulate insulin levels and bind to toxins for removal in faeces. 

Food Sources of soluble fibre Total Fibre Amount (g per serving)
golden linseed 5.4
Green peas 8.8
Split peas 16
Beans 15
Lentils 15.6
Oats 4
Vegetables 2.5-6
Barley 13.6
Onion 2.8
Corn 4.6
Sesame seeds 4.2
psyllium husk (supplement) n/a
slippery elm (supplement) n/a
Aloe Vera (supplement) n/a
Apples 3.7


(n/a = figures not available)

Source: Murray MT, Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements