Nutrient Food Sources


Folic acid

Folic acid works together with vitamin B12 in many body functions including cell division and DNA synthesis, and particularly nervous system development in the developing foetus.  Absorption and function can be affected by alcohol and high dietary fibre, such as wheat bran, plus B12 and zinc deficiencies.

Food Sources of folic acid Amount (µg/100g)
Asparagus 175
Aubergine 110
Blackeye beans 210
Broccoli 90
Brussel sprouts 135
Cabbage 75
Calf’s liver 110
Cashew nuts 68
Cauliflower 66
Chicken liver 1350
Chickpeas 180
Flaxseeds/ linseed n/a
Green peas 62
Hazelnuts 72
Kale 120
Kelp (sea vegetable) n/a
Kidney beans 130
Leeks 56
Lentils 110
Lettuce 55
Lima beans n/a
Mint, fresh 110
Mung bean (sprouts) 61
Mustard and cress 60
Okra 83
Parsley, fresh 170
Peanuts 110
Runner beans 60
Sesame seeds 97
Spinach 81
Split peas n/a
Spring greens 92
Soya beans 370
Soya flour 410
Walnuts 66
Wheat bran 260


(n/a = figures not yet available)

Source:  McCance and Widdowson’s The Composition of Foods (6th Edition)