Nutrient Food Sources



The mineral chromium forms the active component of ‘glucose tolerance factor’, a substance that is involved in the regulation of blood sugar levels by aiding the action of insulin.  Chromium also helps to regulate blood lipid levels – cholesterol and triglycerides.   High sugar intake and lack of exercise may reduce chromium levels in the body.


Food Sources of chromium Amount(mg/100g)
apple 14
banana 10
blueberries 5
brown rice n/a
Calf’s liver 55
carrots 9
chicken n/a
dulse (seaweed) n/a
Green beans 4
Orange 5
parsnips 13
potatoes 24
Rye bread 30
Wheat bran 38

(n/a = figures not yet available)

Source: Kirschmann G, Kirschmann J, Nutrition Almanac, 1996, McGraw-Hill.