Nutrient Food Sources



These are the most abundant antioxidants in the diet, pro-circulatory and support microvascular system, so support heart function, healing and circulation. They work in conjunction with vitamin C in the body as antioxidants and a variety of these food provides the most beneficial mix of the different types of bioflavonoids, fibre and other nutrients. Processing of foods or removing of the pith of fruit, reduces the bioflavonoid content.

Food Amount (mg/100g)
Apples 8
Apricots 6
Barley n/a
Bee Pollen 3
Bilberries n/a
Blackberries n/a
Black grapes n/a
Black tea 49
Broad Beans 22
Broccoli n/a
Buckwheat n/a
Capers 135
Celery 5
Cherries(red and black) 7
Chives 10
Coriander n/a
Cranberries 4
Currants n/a
Dark Chocoloate 41
Elderberries n/a
Fennel n/a
Garlic n/a
Grapefruit 53
Green tea 53
Kale 26
Lemon 27
Lime 4
Onion – Red 18
Orange -orange and red 32
Parsley 302
Peppers n/a
Plums n/a
Mint 11
Raspberries 8
Red grapes 8
Red wine n/a
Rosemary 4
Spinach n/a
Strawberries n/a
Thyme 51
Tarragon 11
Tomatoes n/a
Watercress n/a

(n/a = figures for total bioflavonoid content not yet available)


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