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Announcing the launch of My Nutri Profile

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We are excited to announce the long-awaited launch of My Nutri Profile; the world’s first, personalised online nutrition profiling service that’s ALL ABOUT YOU!

Proper nutrition is the foundation of preventative healthcare. And with our National Healthcare Systems in such disarray its no surprise people are turning to natural paths to health.

The problem however is that people are overwhelmed by the sheer number of products on the market… all claiming to be the magic solution.  Just walk into any supermarket and look at the amount of shelves filled with products vying for our attention.  

Add to that the deluge of contradictory information available on the internet, it’s no wonder people are confused about which way to turn.  How could the average person possibly know what their body actually needs?

That’s why we created My Nutri Profile.  We’re driven by our vision to make personalised nutrition more accessible for everybody, and a passion to make a difference to people’s health. 

My Nutri Profile works in 3 simple steps:
This is what you get:

My Nutri Profile arms you with targeted nutrition information about yourself.  It eliminates risky guess work whilst at the same time helps you correct your diet, lifestyle and supplementation in a safe, accurate and affordable manner.

  • The most detailed online, individually-tailored evaluation available
  • Provides recommendations that take into account all aspects of safety
  • Beta-tested by a renowned medical doctor and expert in nutritional medicine
  • Designed by leading BANT-certified nutritionists
  • Based on extensive scientific evidence and clinical experience

My Nutri Profile is more than just our dream… it’s our mission! It’s been a long road to get this far, but our journey has just begun. We invite you to join us in our mission to help as many people improve their health as we can…. starting with you. It’s free, fast, accurate and above all… it’s ALL ABOUT YOU!

We look forward to your improved health!

Click this link to start your Free Evaluation.

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